List of Services
Our Services:
We offer mission-critical consultancy, identify and explore strategic
scenarios of network development and implementation, develop test
plans, conduct performance optimization studies, supervise
implementations, and develop best practices to complex ICT issues.

Assistance to service providers and network operators:
  • Management of communications network
  • Engineer and manage network performance to deliver and
    maintain QoE and SLA at optimal OpEx
  • Network Performance Optimization
  • Service assurance plan
  • Essential enhancements to technical and tender documents
  • Develop project plan and specifications
  • Validate and correct investment business case
  • Supervise implementation
  • Mission critical assistance
2- Professional assistance to Enterprise network and consumers of
telecom services
  • SLA definition, measurement, and negotiation with service
3- Support ICT regulators carry out responsibilities effectively:
  • Develop smartly adaptive regulation platform for emerging
    technologies and services.
  • Identify effective means to survey and monitor grey telephony
    services and rank their uses
  • Develop Network Sharing Strategy
  • Establish license assurance plan
4- Assistance to and representation of equipment and IT vendors
5- Assistance to Government
  • Develop best practices to identify and handle the threats of
    Internet telephony (grey telephony) on national security.